The Club held its Annual General Meeting Friday June 16th 7pm.

The Hare & Hounds
Maidstone Rd, Ashford, TN25 4NR.

We would like to thank everyone who was able to attend this years AGM. The committee is the main way that you, the members, can influence the direction of THE CLUB. Below you will find your newly elected Committee, the AGM Agenda, Minutes and presented Accounts.

Elected 2017/2018 Committee

  • President: Tony Finch
  • Club Chairman: Barry Ball
  • Hon. Treasurer: Jason Potter
  • Hon. Secretary: Marc Turley
  • Hon. Fixture Secretary: Johann Delport
  • Membership Officer: Dave Squire
  • Communications Officer: Currently vacant
  • Sponsorship Officer: Matthew Ball
  • Events Coordinator: Harry Ruddock
  • Club Coaches: Tim Cross & Chris Dale
  • Club Captain: Ben Gauntlett


1. Introduction
2. Apologies
3. Minutes of AGM Wednesday 27th April 2016
4. President’s Report & Treasurer’s Report
5. Reports from remaining Executives and Sections of the club.
6. Election of Executive Committee and Honorary Positions for 2017/18
7. Election of Club Captain
8. Election or Committee appointment of Club Coach
9. Proposed Constitutional changes
10. Subscriptions and Memberships for 2017/18
11. AOCB (Any Other Current Business)

2017 AGM MinutesTotal exemption small company accounts

Committee Roles

Scroll down for more information on each of these roles and their job descriptions. You’ll also find a list of PDF’s for these positions on englandrugby.com

Committee Meetings: The committee meets once month to conduct the club’s business, but are also in regular communication through email/phone – any member with full voting rights is entitled to attend and observe the meeting, but should first notify the club secretary that they wish to attend.

Club Chairman

  • Call and conduct and preside and over all meetings and votes of THE CLUB.
  • He shall be the Club delegate to meetings of the England & Kent RFU.
  • Responsible for the performance of each elected Officer.
  • The Chairman will also be required to consult with club members to create the long-term vision for the club.
  • Ensure club and players are eligible for matches by complying with league and club requirements.
  • Develop relationships with other clubs

The President

  • Is the official spokesman of THE CLUB. He does not have any specific duties, and so he must be work through others to achieve the clubs goals.
  • Above all, the president must lead by example and demonstrate the highest level of integrity and concern for the members of the club.
  • Monitor club morale and suggest team building social activities.
  • Be involved in recruiting new members and integrate those members into the club.


The Secretary is the administrator for the club and deals primarily with communication and documentation. The Secretary is responsible for collecting timely information from officers, coaches, and members and distributing it to the committee/club via email, web and social media postings.

  • Distribute daily/weekly emails informing members of training updates, matches, socials, and general club information
  • Facilitate Board Meetings by developing agendas, recording discussions and distributing meeting minutes.
  • Keep physical copies of club documentation and have it available at board meetings.
  • Liaise with England & Kent RFU in matters of administration and discipline.


The Treasurer is the finance & accounting department for the club and deals with monetary issues.

  • Develop the annual budget and update it monthly
  • Report monthly on the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow
  • Deposit income from dues, fundraisers, and sponsors
  • Balance the bank account
  • Pay invoices and bills
  • Maintain club’s non-profit designation

Fixtures Secretary

Must obtain fields for training sessions and matches, ensure they are marked and set up properly, and scheduling referees.

  • Schedule matches with Kent RFU, other teams and tournaments
  • Obtain fields for training and matches
  • Setup fields for matches
  • Schedule referees, if necessary
  • Confirm match details and directions with opponents
  • Ensure equipment such as goalpost pads, touchline flags will be available for matches

Membership Officer

  • Take responsibility for managing existing club memberships
  • Meet people and explain the benefits of membership to them
  • Actively encourage new members to join
  • Help the club to prosper through sustaining and growing the membership
  • Manage memberships, subscriptions, renewals and income
  • Keep the membership database up-to-date
  • Ensure membership fees are paid and records kept
  • Take the lead on promoting new membership
  • Create and deliver a plan for recruiting new members, with the support of a team recruitment officer for a larger club


Deals primarily with getting the club recognized in the community. He/she owns the infrastructure by which the public reaches the club; specifically, Website, and Social Media.

  • Develop creative posters, flyers, hand-outs and banners
  • Post events on web, social media and submit to local newspapers
  • Developing and maintain contacts within the local newspapers and other media outlets.
  • Write press releases and match reports
  • Produce or assist in the production of the Match Programme
  • Maintain the web and social media infrastructure
  • Develop and update content

Sponsorship Officer

The post-holder’s primary objective is to formulate sponsorship proposals and ensure the club’s sponsorship requirements are met.

  • Responsible for building and maintaining relationships with current Sponsors.
  • Seeking out future and potential Sponsors from the commercial business sector.
  • The display and production of Sponsorship banners at home games.
  • Liaise with the treasurer to ensure adequate funds are generated
  • Formulate sponsorship proposals and ensure sponsorship requirements are met
  • To be responsible for entertaining sponsors and dignitaries at club tournaments and events
  • To produce follow up literature to sponsors in the form of thank you letters, press coverage & club updates in order to encourage on going relationships

Events Coordinator

Primarily deals with coordinating large events and is the lead person for setting up the Awards Night, Sponsors Day, socials and any other events.

  • Plan and cater events
  • Staff various roles
  • Create event budget and report actual income and expenditures to Treasurer
  • Ensure event has proper publicity

Club Captain

Is the On-Pitch Representative of the club during matches and any other event that requires representation of a Player, as opposed to THE CLUB.

  • Player’s representative at monthly Committee meetings
  • Organising the attendance of players at matches and training
  • Team selection in the absence of the coach
  • Finding volunteers for the cleaning of Match Jerseys
  • The collection of match subs
  • Assigning players for pitch setup and breakdown
  • Must lead by example and demonstrate the highest level of integrity on and off the pitch

Club Coach

  • The Coach shall be the voice of authority on both playing field and practice field.
  • Schedule training and instruct members in rugby method and tactics at such sessions.
  • Appoint a coach or coaches to assist in directing training sessions if required.
  • Keep a record of attendance at such sessions and may use such record to make selections.
  • Prepare a summary of the Laws of Rugby and may distribute it to each member.
  • Will have final authority over team selection
  • Be present at all matches (home and away) barring illness, emergency or unavoidable reason.
  • If he is unable to appoint an acting coach, then this duty defers to the Club Captain.

Committee Meetings

The committee meets once month to conduct the club’s business, but are also in regular communication through email/phone – any member with full voting rights is entitled to attend and observe the meeting, but should first notify the club secretary that they wish to attend.

For more on the administration of Ashford Barbarians RFC visit the Governance page you can also download the Club Constitution.

N.B. We would like to remind everyone the importance of the AGM. The committee is the main way that you, the members, can influence the direction that we take. If you do not vote or get involved then you are effectively saying you are happy with what happens. So if you want change or want a greater voice in the club then you should attend the AGM, nominate and support candidates for your 2017-18 Committee. The AGM will also discuss the current standing of the club and its future development.