Club training evenings

The Baa-Baas commit to one night a week to  training;

Summer Training

Wednesday evenings 7:00-9:00pm @ Sandyacres Sports & Social Centre, Sandyhurst Lane, Ashford.

New players recommended match and training kit

  • Mouthguard
  • Boots – ideally 2 pairs (firm and soft ground/no sharp edges)
  • Robust jersey and shorts
  • Water bottle
  • Shoulder pads, body or head protection (optional)
  • All jewellery should be removed

You can visit the World Rugby website for details on the permitted specifications for moulded soles or studded boots and body protection.

New or returning players will find more information on rules, aspects of the game and conditioning here.

Training what’s involved

Training predominately focuses on the technical aspects of rugby, developing teamwork and individual skills. There will always be an element of fitness in these sessions, however it is not the primary focus. So it is up to you as a player to dedicate sometime to work on your own conditioning, whether that’s strength, endurance or recovery.