Kent Rural 5 East Champions 2019/2020

We’re a rugby club established January 2013 playing at Sandyacres, Ashford. We have returned to the Corinthian and Amateur values of the past where everything is done on a voluntary basis.

“ People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing. 
– Dale Carnegie

We have 6 key tenets:

1. A club’s success should be gauged by the contentment of its members
2. A club exists for the benefit of its members
3. A club should be an egalitarian association where every member, and his or her opinions, are valued
4. A member’s abilities are of secondary importance to his or her dedication
5. Where possible, requirements of the club should be fulfilled at no cost by the members
6. The club should be at the heart of, and open to, the community
We wish to create an environment that embraces those values, one where camaraderie,
hospitality and commitment are entrenched, but most of all one that is epitomised by fun.

“ Look after even the smallest part; without it the machine may not work ”
– Andrew Dearham

Brilliant chase from Simba Dzimwasha and Kieron Sheen making a big hit on the Maidstone winger

Publiée par Ashford Barbarians RFC sur Dimanche 14 octobre 2018